Little Steps to Focus on your Self Expression in your Daily Life

It should not necessarily be a long term goal, but some tweaks in your lifestyle could help you go a long way in becoming a happier version of yourself. Read on to know more about the story.

It is often said that the best lesson learnt is through experience. We struggle to become better every day and work hard to practice self –restrain and exhibiting the best behaviour in front of the world. Appropriate social behaviour is part of the socialization process, which takes us away from our true self. As our age and responsibilities grow, we lose our self-expression and become oblivious of our real self. With a distant memory of carefree times, our heart longs to discover the joyful times of the past.

Let us explore some beautiful little ways of self-expression that would make you contented, stress-free and energetic.

Keep a scrapbook about your future goals.

Remember those secret scrapbooks of your childhood? Why don’t you have one now? It could have pictures and articles about your dream car or your dream house. Are you saving money for a trip to the Bahamas? Include everything that you wish to do in that book and use it as an inspiration to make your dreams come true.

Reinvent your looks

You could get a fancy haircut or highlight your hair with a bold hue if you feel adventurous. If that is too much for your fashion appetite, then you could start with your wardrobe. And on the days when you want to make your mark, wear a bright red lip colour to up your style game to maximize your bold avatar.

Get excited about food.

Even if you do not consider yourself a foodie, you could discover the happiness shared through good food. Try your hands at cooking different dishes by being creative with ingredients. Cooking good food is highly satisfying. Eat mindfully with your senses of taste, touch, smell and sight. The whole experience is gratifying.

A little bit of good music and dance after waking up

Not everyone amongst us has the luxury of time and resources to hit the gym regularly. Frankly, not everyone is crazy about working out. You need to keep aside your mobile for a while in the morning, create playlists of your favourite songs and hit the floor for ten to fifteen minutes every day. You could be as goofy as you want while you twist your muscles in a happy morning dance before your breakfast. The playlist would set a rhythm and timeline for your mornings.

When you are caught up with your duties, and there is no time left to pursue your interests, you could try to be a little creative in expressing yourself through various little things in your life. Cheers!

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