Little things you can do for the environment

Go eco-friendly.

Saving the environment is a difficult job and it’s not a one-person job. With the rate the polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, effects of climate change can be seen with each passing year. More governments are stepping in, non-profit NGOs are doing their part, environmentalists are focussing on finding sustainable habits and resources to push away the approaching doom. In the multitude of big organizations clearing up beaches, oceans, planting trees, it might seem like one person couldn’t make much difference.

But there are things that can be done to, on a personal front, to benefit the environment. You don’t need to be an environmental warrior to tweak few habits and you’ll have done your part.

Here are little things you can do for the environment.

Use tote bags instead of plastic bags

Plastic waste accumulates as landfills and pollute the ocean. Plastic is non-biodegradable and is super harmful. Do your bit by carrying tote bags to carry groceries or other things in.

Hang clothes out to let them dry

Ditch the drier to dry your clothes outside on a clothing rack. It will save both money and energy. Drier takes up a lot of energy and drying clothes outside might be something you’re not used to but doing it will help the environment in a little way.

Say no to bottled water

Instead of buying or using bottled water, carry your own bottle. That way you keep your hydration in track. An insulated metal bottle is a great investment, it keeps things warm and cold for hours.

Think about how to get around

Thinking of going to the groceries? Is it just a few streets away? Use a public transport or walk there instead of using a car or a bike. Bicycle is viable sustainable option to get around. Going to movies with friends? Try carpooling or getting the public transport.

Shop virtually

You heard it right. Online shopping is actually good for the environment. It can lessen carbon footprint if you can avoid rushed shipping. Try to buy together with other people so shipping charges can be minimized.

Try to wash hair less

Hair washing takes a lot of water. Minimize washing your hair and you can conserve water.

Buy local produce

Eating local produce means you save up on energy spent n shipping. It is usually a fresh lot and environmentally more conscious.

Buy used whenever possible

As good as buying a new washing machine feels, buying used products like books, furniture, appliances etc are being more sustainable. Second-hand products can be good if you know where to look. Also, each product you buy is one more item in a landfill.


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