Published By: Sougata Dutta

Live Colourful Life - Try Some New Hair Dye Colors

Use some more colours and go beyond your imagination!

 Dying hair seems a bit wild and out of the box, I get that. But have you ever tried doing it for yourself? Or any patterns apart from the ones you already tried? Or with some new colours and combinations! If you haven’t, try now. Why wait or wasting time, go and grab a colour for your hair.

Colour Hair: Some Easy Steps

Hair dying is very easy. Your hands might hurt a bit for holding your hair in a certain way to apply colour for some times but it has a worth. Steps are simple and straightforward, all you need is a hair dye and some patience. At first, you have to choose the hair strands or the part of the hair you wish to apply colour. Next you need to apply bleach or blonde on those separated parts using brush and gloves. After drying and washing you may apply the colour in the same way. Dry it, wash it and again dry it, and see the new you.

Hair Dying and Dopamine: The Happy Hormone

In a human body the hormones play very important roles, and among them dopamine is a happy kid who will make you happy if you let it stimulate. When new things occur to us or we see ourselves in new clothes or styles, our brain diagnoses that and gives reward. Dopamine is that reward, which makes us healthy, happy and fit mentally and physically.

Different Shades: Yay! Colours

There are all colours available in the market as hair dye. Red, blue, green, orange, golden and so on. You can even make your own shade by using two or three different colours in a proper amount and by applying some knowledge of colour theory. You can also try different colours at the same time in different stands or parts of your hair to make it wild or perfectly beautiful

Some Measures: After Hair Dying

Once you go for hair dye, you must keep your hair healthy and supply proper nutrition. You can try using colour specialist shampoo and conditioner for everyday use and also try applying hair spa or keratin once in a week or twice in a month for gorgeous and colourful hair.

Change The Colour: For New Looks

Once you get used to seeing yourself in a colour, you might feel bored by that. In that case it is suggested to use a new colour to see yourself in a new version.

Having a natural colour is common but having the colour according to you is fun.