Living in the hills is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Mountains offer a lot to those who want to take a break from the constant cacophony. The view, the weather and the adventure offered by the hills are magnificent. We are so spoiled by its peace and beauty that we often make up our mind to give up our city life and settle in the laps of a mountain.

With moderate temperature, fascinating scenery and fresh air, the mountains attract many settlers. But is life in the hills as beautiful as it looks? To be honest, hills are our favourite vacation destination but the thought of leaving life in the city to settle here is a bit challenging. After having a conversation with the locals, they have provided us with a list of disadvantages of mountain life.

Scarcity of water– The important element of our daily life is water but there is a huge scarcity in its proportion. Streams and brooks are the natural sources of water but because of climate change and excessive use, they are drying out. Underground water is also not easily accessible as the water level is at the depth of groundwater level is higher as compared to those in plane areas. Rainwater harvesting is the technology that is being opted by many towns to help this situation.

Poor communication services- If you are someone who spends an ample amount of time on the internet then are prepared to say good-bye to the high-speed internet as this beautiful scenery comes with low network services. It is tough to set up a cellular tower due to its rough terrain and hence affects many beneficiaries due to poor internet services.

Lack of opportunities- Due to a lack of factories or industrial setups, there is a lack of job opportunities. With limited choices in the government sector and a lack of industries in these, more and more young people are finding it difficult to find work. Teaching, government jobs and self-employment in the tourism industry are only a few of the choices open.

Also, health facilities in these areas are a major concern for the locals. They are referred to the nearby city in case of any complications.

Tough climatic condition- Drastic change in the climate should be a matter of concern. You may be enjoying a bright sunny morning but the afternoon is drenched with heavy rainfall. As a result of which you may also experience electricity cut for few hours.

Living in a hilly region you should also be prepared for calamities like earthquake, landslide or snowfall.

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