Living it up in style: Most Expensive Private Houses in the World

Here are some costliest houses on the planet with astronomical price tags.

One of the basic requirements of an average person is to have a place that could be called a home. Your house is a private space where you could find peace, warmth and security. People work hard to acquire a personal space. From the time immemorial, influential people have tried to influence others by building magnificent houses, palaces, fortresses and exhibiting their wealth to the world. The instinct of reflecting grandeur through awe-inducing dwellings is very prominent in the 21st century too. Let us take a look at some of the most extravagant accommodations in the world.

  1. Antilla, Mumbai

The house is owned by Mukesh Ambani, one of the wealthiest people in the world. It is a skyscraper designed by Chicago based architectural firm, Perkins and Wills in the plush neighbourhood of South Mumbai known as Altamont Road overlooking the Arabian Sea. The name Antillla is inspired from the mythical island of Atlantis and currently valued at $ I billion. It is built on an area of 400,000 square feet. This high rise building has twenty-seven floors and a total height of 173 meters. The sprawling property has three helipads, a Hindu temple, a ballroom, spa, an ice cream parlour, an ice room, swimming pools and terrace gardens.

  1. Villa Leopolda

The place was built as a home for King Leopold II in 1902 in the scenic location of French Riviera. It was purchased by a Lebanese Banker Edmond Safra in 1987 and currently owned by his widow Lily. The design of this villa is remarkable, surrounded by thick trees. This private house on 18 acres of land is priced at $750 million,

  1. Villa Les Cedres 

The mansion is located on the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France and currently valued at $ 410 million. With an enviable view of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, the villa draws its name from cedar trees planted on its 35 acres of land.

  1. Rutland Gate Mansion

Located at Hyde Park in London, this fantastic property was once home to Saudi crown prince and Lebanese Prime Minister. The cost of this mansion is estimated to be $ 365 million with an area of 60,000 square feet.

The homes of rich and mighty are meant to be flaunted, and also lend vicarious pleasures to lesser mortals like us. But hey, who’s complaining?

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