Living With A Guard Dog-Is It Harmful For Your Child’s Health?

Are you putting your kids in danger by letting them be near your pet dog?

A dog is a man’s best friend. So we have been told, and indeed, they win our hearts at the first tail wagging! Owning a dog can be a cherished experience, especially with children around your home. They have a sibling to play with, to guard them and watch over them. There are many advantages of having a pet as affectionate as a dog nearby, but are there any hazards of having kids live around them? Let’s find out.

Supervise When Your Dog Is With Your Child-

As parents of both the pet and your child, it is your duty to supervise everything going around them. No matter how well you know your dog, never leave them unattended around your child. Be it indoors or outdoors, make sure you have someone to watch over them. People with puppies around often have complaints of getting scratched and bitten. Hence you have to be extra careful around your infant. Make sure you teach your kids to be gentle with the puppy too.

Get Advice From The Vet-

Your vet can assist you best with your dog and its temperament. If you haven’t adopted a dog yet and want to, taking advice from your vet can help you choose the right breed, prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby, help to look after your dog and teach to train them, and maintain child safety around your dog.

Risks To Babies While Sleeping-

No matter how friendly your dog is, the rule is to never leave a sleeping baby alone with a dog. Dogs that are not fully trained often confuse sleeping babies with toys, and their main focus will be to toy with them. With a child and infant that are defenceless, it is never advised to leave them alone around any pets.

For parents expecting a baby, it is essential to prepare your pet for the arrival. They are reliable around children but might not accept the division of attention as well as you think.

How To Avoid Dog Bites-

For those who have experience raising a dog, you must have got at least one bite, even from the most gentle of breeds! Risking it to your child is something no parent can. Here are some reasons why a dog will bite you out of the blue and how to avoid it from happening.

  • Excitement during playtime.
  • Protecting their food.
  • Teasing, provoked or angry.

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