Longest Unbeaten Streak in La Liga

La Liga teams have had some longest unbeaten streaks in not just La Liga but also in the world

In any sport where the competition is stiff, it is hard for a team to secure consecutive matches. Several teams have won five, 10 or even more consecutive matches to create a record of longest winning streaks. However, a defeat ends that run but a draw produces another record. It may not be possible to win every match, but with a defensive strategy, it is possible to hold the line and receive a draw.

In the history of La Liga, several teams in the past have used this strategy to conquer the trophy. When they realised the strength of their opponent, they began to play defensive and created draws after draws. In this way, they created a streak of unbeaten runs.

Below, we have compiled a list of the longest unbeaten streak in La Liga history by several teams.

Real Sociedad- 38 games

Real Sociedad in the campaign of 79/80 created the record of the longest unbeaten streak in La Liga history. The unbeaten run began in the 1978/79 campaign, where they won the last six games. The team continued the run in the 1979/80 seasons and won 32 games, taking the total number of games to 38.

During that time, there were18 teams in La Liga and every team played a total of 34 matches. Sadly, Real Sociedad lost the 33rd match for which Real Madrid got a lead and won the league title.

FC Barcelona- 37 games & 31 games

The club from Catalonia has been able to create two long unbeaten streaks in the La Liga history. In the 2010/11 season, Barcelona faced humiliation at the hand of a smaller team, Hercules. However, the team under Guardiola made a strong comeback and had an unbeaten run of 31 games. With 96 points, they lifted the league title.

Under Valverde in the 2017/18 season, the team had another unbeaten record of 37 games with 30 wins and 7 draws.

Real Madrid- 31 games & 29 games

Similar to Barcelona, Real Madrid has created the record twice. In the 1988/89 season, Madrid maintained an unbeaten streak of 28 games. The rest three were added from the previous season. Thus, they held a record of 31 unbeaten games.

They created another record in the 1996/97 by remaining unbeaten for 29 games. In both the seasons, the Galacticos were able to lift the La Liga title trophy.

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