Longest Winning Streak in Premier League

Football is not just about dominating one opponent. It is about dominating several opponents in consecutive matches

The Premier League is recognized as the best football league in the world. There are other leagues such as La Liga and Bundesliga, but the competitiveness in Premier League is more. Even the mid-table teams are capable of defeating the top clubs. Hence, the league is known as the toughest league in the world. That’s not all, as Premier League is also seen as the most dangerous league because of the number of injuries sustained by players on a regular basis.

In a competitive environment like the Premier League, it is hard for any team to win a match. And to win matches after matches is a dream for many. However, some teams have been able to pull off a miracle by winning consecutive matches. They have won not one but 5 or even 10 consecutive matches. In this feature, let’s have a look at the longest winning streaks in the Premier League.

Manchester City

After bringing laurels to the Spanish club Barcelona and German club Bayern Munich, Spanish manager Josep Pep Guardiola Sala went on to become the manager of Manchester City. With Manchester City, Pep was able to create several records such as scoring 100 points in the league for the first time. To achieve that record, Manchester City won 32 games out of 38 and won 18 consecutive games.


The 2019/20 campaign of Liverpool saw the Merseyside team lifting the coveted Premier League after a wait of 30 years. To achieve the trophy, the team had a ruthless season where they thrashed big opponents like Chelsea and Arsenal. Fans expected that the team under Klopp would break Manchester City’s record of 18 consecutive wins. However, Klopp’s men fell short by one match as they lost the 18th match against Manchester United. Hence, Liverpool holds a record of 17 winning streaks.


Arsenal has had a winning streak of 14 consecutive games. In the season of 2002, Arsenal had a double domestic success under manager Arsene Wenger. The season ended with 13 wins for the team, who also won the first game of the next season to make it 14. However, the second game of the next season was a draw and thus, Arsenal’s winning streak came to an end.


The 2016/17 saw Chelsea winning the Premier League title for the fourth time. To do so, the men in blue went on to win 13 consecutive games. They thrashed Manchester United and Everton but failed to keep their winning streak alive after losing out to Tottenham. However, they again had a six-match winning streak in the same season.

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