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Looking for the ideal destination? Why Brugge is literally paradise on earth

Are you planning a trip to Europe and trying to draw an itinerary, or are you based in Europe and looking for a weekend getaway? If you find yourself nodding to the above questions, here is one advice for you, Do Not Miss Brugge in Belgium! It is an hour’s train ride away from Brussels, but it is literally like reaching another heavenly world once you get there! It is a small town but so quaint that you would just like to absorb it the whole time! Here are some things that make it worthy of the phrase, “paradise on earth”, and why you should consider visiting it!

The most beautiful cityscape

Brugge was a town prominent during medieval times! Known as the Venice of the North, historically it used to be an important town for trade which made it very important in the eyes of people around the world. From then to now, little of the city has changed, in terms of its beautiful architecture and cityscape. It is mostly preserved as it was! Walking around the city is therefore an experience! Canals run from under you, each house is unique and different and the architecture is so surreal, that you can’t get enough! The whole town is almost like a painting, and you want to keep exploring it!  

Tintin fan?  Then this place is for you!

Adding to this, there is a little bit of a bonus if you are a fan of the famous Tintin comics by Herge. You will see the influences of each illustration! The spectacular sense of aesthetics in the comic books is almost enlivened in this city!   

A horse ride for the feels

When in Brugge, the vibe of the medieval town, makes you want to fit right in! Horse rides there, though a bit pricey will give you the feeling that you are a character from the past! The carriage drivers also give good tours and sound information about the place. It helps to give an orientation of the place!

A canal ride works too!

The goal of experiencing the city in different ways, other than walking and a horse ride can also be done with the canal! It is a beautiful breezy, exciting experience!

Eat Waffles every day!

This is a must-do! Places in Belgium, (one of which is Brugge) have the best possible waffles! They are usually freshly made, thick, and crispy and the toppings are gobsmacking delicious! What is even more amazing is that randomly you will be walking on the street and the smell of freshly made waffles will be hitting you, coming from a small street-corner shop! Just follow the aroma! Make it your breakfast every day that you are there! It will be one of the best

Belgium fries

 When craving something savoury, shift to fries! Belgium fries are crispy, and have very unique and delicious sauces to go with it!

Explore Antiquity shops

Make sure to check the antiquity shops in Brugge. They are everywhere and sometimes have such beautiful and quaint collections for you to buy!

Magnificent churches

While Brugge is a city, where history engulfs the streets, there are some particular structures which you can go inside, which will enhance your experience for art and history; the Basilica of the Holy Blood, where Jesus’s blood is said to be stored, and the Church of Our Lady, which has a sculpture of Madonna and Child by Michaelangelo!