Lord Of The Rings: Epic Details From The Book That Did Not Make It To The Films

The Lord Of The Rings films are jam-packed with minute details, but tons of epic details were left out from the books.

With such a mammoth wealth of source material to incorporate in the films, it is no surprise that the production team had to considerably pare down to make itself feasible and render its resultant trilogy of movies watchable. Unfortunately, however, some of the most interesting and coolest passages did not make it to the silver screen, much to the disappointment of Tolkien’s die-hard fans. Below are some epic scenes, characters, and details from the literary masterpiece featured in the films.

Beregond was omitted

Numerous minor characters are omitted from the films, but a noticeable omission is Beregond, a Guard of the Citadel in Minas Tirith. In Return of the King, Beregond was responsible for Pippin’s character development. Beregond and Pippin become good friends, but this role was passed on to Faramir in the movies, who was a close friend of Beregond in the novel.

Glorfindel’s rescue of Frodo

Though this event is technically incorporated in the movie, the character undertaking the rescue was swapped for the daughter of Elrond, Arwen. This tweak in role worked out well in the movies for sure – enabling actress Liv Tyler to flex her stupendous acting skills a little harder than she would’ve been able to display otherwise. However, in the books, Frodo was rescued by Glorfindel from the Ringwraiths during his flight to Rivendell.

Inclusion of Fredegar “Fatty” Bolger

In the books, Fatty plays a small but significant role, a trusted and close friend of Frodo Baggins, who accompanies his hobbit friends as far as Crickhollow, and he stays back there to keep up Frodo’s house – creating the illusion that Frodo hadn’t left the Shire. So though the inclusion of Fatty wasn’t totally necessary in the films, it wouldn’t have done any harm at the same time.

Bill The Pony’s Backstory

Sam’s pony named Bill featured in The Fellowship of the Ring, but it was a brief and passing reference. The novel had a much more fleshed-out role for Bill. In the novel, Sam purchases Bill from an old man who starved and mistreated the pony. Bill was nursed back to health by Sam, leading to a strong bond between the two.

The fans of Tolkien grieved the loss of these classic elements from the books that never made it into the movies.


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