Published By: Gurpreet Kaur

Losing your hair in this humid weather? Five ways to deal with it

We list a few things you can do to limit your hair fall and breakage this humid season.

A healthy mane is a mix up of several things - genetics, hormones, less stress, a good diet, and regular sleep. However, no matter what type of hair quality you have, humidity doesn’t do any good for most of us. As we all know humidity is the presence of moisture in the air, and in the case of hair, it disrupts our hair’s hydrogen bonds while making them go completely low on moisture, which eventually makes them frizzy. Also, let’s not forget if your hair is bleached, dyed, or straightened, frizziness can be more. Plus, the sun rays do more harm than you think.

So, in this hot and humid climate, we bring you a few things that you can do to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair fall:

  1. Wash your hair daily 
Humid hair means more dandruff due to unhealthy scalp. And with dandruff, there is a higher chance of hair fall symptoms. So, don’t be afraid to wash your hair daily. While there is a common misconception that we shouldn’t be washing our hair too much, it is in fact best to wash your hair often to keep them from getting dry. It’s like washing your face to prevent clogged pores or inflammation of the scalp. Albeit, just use the right shampoo if your hair is dry, oily or coloured.
  1. Keep the scalp healthy
If your scalp is healthy, you will automatically have less hair fall. Prevent your scalp from impurities, clogged, or inflamed pores and the lifespan of your hair will be lengthened. Make changes to your hair and shower routine and surely soothe, hydrate, cleanse, and protect the scalp as much as you can.
  1. Use a nourishing hair mask to protect your hair from AC
All of us use air conditioning extensively to combat the hot and humid weather, but then, your hair doesn’t react well to it. To counter that, nourish the hair with a moisturising hair mask, at least once a week to avoid making your hair dry and dull.
  1. Protect the hair from sun exposure
As we said earlier, sun exposure can cause damage to the hair and lead to eventual hair loss. Not to miss, UVB radiation leads to loss of hair protein while UVA radiation makes colour changes to your hair. So, avoid sun exposure if you wish to protect your hair cuticles.
  1. Practice healthy lifestyle
A good diet, a healthy sleep pattern and regular exercise can go a long way in protecting your hair. Eat a balanced diet apart from taking supplements like Vitamin D, biotin, and ginseng.

Try these out soon!