Lost and hidden treasurers around the world

Have you ever day dreamed of finding a huge treasure and living happily ever after? We have compiled a list of lost and hidden treasures around the world to give some direction to your inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

Crown Jewels of England

It was in the year 1216,King John of England was travelling through the east coast when he had an accident. The King is said to have lost the crown jewels in the rising waters of the Wash – a patch of marshy ground that he was attempting to cross. The accident is reported to have occurred near the Sutton Bridge on the River Nene. Recently a metal detectorist on Lincolnshire farm claimed to have found the treasure but is has not been verified yet.

Patiala Necklace

When the maharaja of Patiala originally got this famous necklace made, it had 2,930 pieces of diamonds. Unfortunately, the necklace disappeared from the royal treasury in 1948. It reappeared again after more than three decades at an auction in 1982 for 3.6 million US dollars. Where did it disappear again is unclear. Part of the necklace resurfaced again at a thrift shop in 1998, with many large jewels missing.

Nazi Gold Train

It was 1945 and Nazi Germany and its allies were losing the war. They needed the gold they had accumulated by unscrupulous means to continue their war efforts themselves and didn’t want it to fall in the hands of the Allied army. The Nazis apparently loaded three hundred tons of gold and treasures on a train and hid it in a secret system of tunnels under the Owl Mountains near the Polish city of Walbrzych which remains lost till date.

Amber Room

The Amber Room in Catherine palace near St. Petersburg in former Prussia was once called the Eighth Wonder of the world. Of all the treasures stolen by the Nazis, this was probably the most valuable. It was a 590 square foot chamber with amber panels, decorated with mirrors and gold leaf. After the Nazis looted it in 1945, the whereabouts of the Amber Room remained a mystery. A mosaic piece was found in 1997 in Germany, in possession of a soldier who helped pack it. Many believe that it may have sunk with a German steamship close to Poland during its transfer to Germany.

Florentine Diamond

Florentine Diamond is a massive yellow diamond with green overtones weighing 137.27 carats is one of the things that have not been found ever since it was lost in 1914. According to legends, the stone originated in Vijaynagar kingdom in Southern India before it was acquired by the Portugese Governor of Goa. This intricate and very rare nine sided double rose cut diamond was stolen from Charles I of Austria while in exile by someone close to the imperial family and never found again.

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