Lovable Ghosts: Ghost Characters From Movies We Would Love To Be Friends With

Not all ghosts deserve an exorcism! Some can stay…

In the history of horror movies, most of the time we have seen ghosts to be evil souls stuck for revenge or fulfilment. They are scary, blood thirsty, gory, and awful! However, much to our surprise and a pleasant one at that, some ghosts in the history of movies have come across as kind souls simply trying to find their way in between life and death. These ghosts are adorable, lovable and can even pass as your friend any day compare to most human beings. Here are some of the most lovable ghosts on movies that we would love to be friends with!

Dr. Malcolm Crowe From The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is one such horror film that does not have the usual tropes of jump scares. It’s poised but mysterious. However, the most understated feature of the film is the final twist and boy does it send down chills down your spine! Even then, the ghost part of the film does not make you want to watch the film with just one eye open and squinted. In fact, the ghost in the film, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, who is also the protagonist in the film, seems to be a decent fellow. Unlike most horror films, we learn more and more about the life of Dr. Crowe without having a clue that his is the real ghost in the film. Mr. Malcolm Crowe is a true friend who jumps at any opportunity to help someone in need. He is not blood thirsty. He seeks love, fulfilment and answers, but does not go around on a killing spree to get that.

No-Face From Spirited Away Is A Friendly Spirit

Spirited Away is one of the few films from the anime world that does not tend to be dark most of the times. When little Chihiro finds herself lost in the world of spirits, she finds a friend in No-Face. Now, like most friends, No-Face tends to be annoying her at times by creating problems for her. However, on multiple occasions, he is also the sweetest friend.

Casper From Casper Is The Most Adorable

All ‘90s kids would agree that Casper is the best ghost friend you would want in your life. He is cute, an adorable friend and undoubtedly the most lovable among all ghost characters ever made in the motion pictures.