Love books? How to get that perfect reading corner in your home

Develop a perfect reading nook in your home for a reading session in your free time.

In such a chaotic lifestyle, getting some free time to read a book is bliss. However, if you end up maintaining dedicated spaces in your home for a peaceful activity like book reading, they can certainly be of luxury importance and will also remind you of the need to slow down in life. And what’s the harm in finding time for self-care.

So if you wish to get that perfect cozy reading nook in your home, a soft chair, throw pillow and other accessories might help. So we give you some tips to design the reading space with all the right required elements:

Bring in Soft Materials

Soft means cozy, and if you find a chair that you can truly sink into, all the merrier. Cover it with cloud-like white faux fur and spend time with your favourite book. Make sure to use a throw pillow that adds to the decor and hang around beautiful family photos or wall hangings to complete the look.

Create a corner for two

What’s more fun than reading with a significant other, pal or pet? So include wall art, quotes, and photos to keep both of you warm.

Add a bookshelf

Having a home library with a window seat is all you need if you love reading. Getting natural light adds to the charm, and you will get totally immersed into reading with such a fuzzy space.

Incorporate a pop of colour

For that extra dose of vibrancy, make sure to add a pop of colour by having a vibrant green chair, a pink side table or a bright pillow.

Turn your corner into a nap place

A reading nook doesn’t mean it has to be only for reading. It can also be a place for that occasional unplanned nap. So if you wish to forgo the chair, add comfortable pillows and blanket on a lounge chair.

Add those plants for fresh air

It won’t be wrong to say that plants can uplift your spirits and having them around while reading means you’ll get that bout of fresh air too. You can also add short palm houseplants for those tropical vibes.

Set a reading corner in a wall

Setting up a reading corner in a wall is not only a space saver, but it can be an opportunity to add to the decor of the room as well while displaying your personality.

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