Love, Death & Robots: A Critical Review

Here’s all you need to know about the amazing sci-fi series.

Love, Death & Robots is as creative as it is well written. Showing off a large range of animated influences throughout its 18 episodes, this profound anthology series is one of the more stunning offerings from Netflix. Despite an abundance of cursing and nudity, there’s something truly unique here, all wrapped up in one of the fine animations I’ve seen in quite some time. Seamlessly mixing numerous distinct art patterns with tonally special bite-size episodes, Love, Death & Robots is one of the most uncommon and unmissable shows of the year.

Different Episodes

Your favorite episodes will vary depending on your taste, which is partly why this anthology works as properly as it does. The Witness makes use of the same stylistic ticks seen in Into The Spiderverse, mixing comic book influences with realistic animation. When The Yogurt Took Over uses the absurdity of its very own plot to show its characters with sharp, square edges akin to that seen in Up. At the other end of the spectrum, adrenaline-soaked Blindspot makes use of a more traditional Anime style while the incredibly well written Three Robots shows off an exceptional twist at the end of an amusing 15 minute episode.

There are recurring topics that crop up right here too that keep things cohesively tied together. Ideas around humanity’s future, our personal loss of life and the relationship we have with space and different species are explored time and again here. It’s a great idea and something that never feels preachy or over the top all through the series. The length of every episode helps with this too, with the longest accomplishing the sixteen minute mark and the Alternate Histories episode clocking in at around 5 minutes. While the brief length helps to maintain things moving at a steady pace, some of the more endearing, longer episodes should arguably become blockbusters of their own.

Thoughts About Next Season

Love, Death & Robots is without a doubt one of Netflix’s most consistent performers.With 9 chapters to select from, Netflix’s anthology hits some other homerun. The show has an energy about it that’s quite unrivaled from other animations or anthologies for that matter.

Ultimately, Love, Death & Robots is a return to form, with a tremendous showcase of animated talent and sharp, subtle writing. It would be insane not to expect a fourth season after having such a strong impression for the show.

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