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Love Wordle? The Best Alternatives For Your Puzzle Loving Brain

If you are not satisfied with playing Wordle just once a day, here are a few alternatives that are equally puzzling!

The New York Times brought out Wordle as a once a day word puzzle solving game and soon people were all over it. The game lets you guess the word of the day in six tries and once you have succeeded or failed in your attempts, that’s it for the day. Understandable, people crave more. As it turns out, there are similar games like Wordle that you can play from the comfort of your couch and let your brain tick a little. Here are some alternatives for Wordle that you can play for when your mind wants more!

Hello Wordl Lets You Play As Many Times You Want In A Day

The problem with Wordle is that even though it is exciting and equally puzzling, the one day game limitation kind of is a bummer. Hello Wordl follows a similar format to Wordle where you are given a grid and QWERTY pop up to find the word of the day. You type a word and if the all the letters are positioned in the correct place, the blocks turn green. If the word you’ve typed is incorrect but has a few letters placed correctly in their position and matches with some of the letters of the secret word, those blocks turn yellow. If you have typed an incorrect word and none of the letters match by position or inclusion with the secret word, the blocks turn grey. The best thing about Hello Wordl is you can change your preference for the number of letters you want in the secret word and also play as many times as you want.

Letterle Lets You Pick The Letter Of The Day

Although somewhat silly, Letterle would still excite you just as Wordle does. In Letterle, you don’t get into the complications of guessing the word of the day. Instead, your job would be to guess the letter of the day and it could be fun if you are up for it!

Byrdle Is For All The Music Lovers

Byrdle is similar to Wordle in every way except that it is a great alternative for people who love music. Here, the catch is that the word of the day that you have to guess is related to music or more specifically, choral music.

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