Published By: Shreya Ghai

Love yourself - ways to achieve self love

Follow these simple rules to practise self-love in order to change the way you think about yourself and others around you.

Self love is something that each one of you can create for yourself for change your life for good. Self love is important for knowing your own worth and value. Loving yourself is true magic. If you learn to love yourself, you will positively bring good changes in your life as it will connect you to yourself. You will know what you want from life and you will make sure you achieve it. Self love affects every aspect of your life and nobody can tell you that you are not good enough. You will never want to settle for less if you learn how magical self love can turn out to be. Self love empowers you to make healthy decisions that will be beneficial for you in all aspects. Here’s how you can cultivate self love in yourself to lead towards a fulfilling life.


When you set the boundaries so you don't get hurt. You know your value and worth and how they Setting a boundary means what do you expect about others treating you.  When you set your boundaries. You start addressing your own needs and desires. Your boundaries will let others know what you will tolerate and what you won't.


Let go of anything that no longer serves you. Let go of anything that is draining your energy. Let go of friends who are not giving you any growth in life. Investing your time on people who envy you do not deserve your time and energy. Let go of anything or anyone who you think is negative for you. Protect yourself. Surround yourself with positive and nice people. Cutting off with weak links is not rude but smart to safeguard your energy.


Get rid of your anger and grudges. Look forward to life. It's time to forgive yourself and others. Don't hold on to any grudges to yourself or towards others. If you forgive others for their wrong doings, it means you are giving yourself the freedom to move on and never look back or regret. It's a very important step to cultivate self love in yourself.


Surround yourself with good people. People who only have good intentions towards you and are genuinely good for your energies. Stay closer to people who you think have or will help you grow into a better human being.


The biggest way to get closer to self love is doing what you love. Set a target for yourself for doing one thing that you love everyday. Make your bucket list and try to achieve all that you desire. This will help you rejuvenate, re-energise and boost your confidence to the next level.

Self love is the biggest love. Achieving self love or setting targets to love yourself is and will always be your divine responsibility. It will change the way you think and it will make a positive shift in your life. Follow these simple steps to get closer to yourself.

Love yourself!