Lucky people who were awarded a lifetime supply of things.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? But what if you get a lifetime supply of free goodies?

We all have some point in our lives dreamt of getting an unlimited supply of your favourite chocolate, favourite coffee or even coupons to our favourite restaurant. But there are many people across the world who have indeed achieved this dream. So, let us check out the incredible stories of people who were awarded the lifetime supply of things.

A lifetime supply of colourful Crayola.

Recently a thread in Reddit was quite popular where people shared their experiences where people shared their stories about winning a lifetime supply of things. A Reddit user shared his fascinating story about winning such a contest. He said when he was a kid, Crayola was running a competition where they were retiring some of the old colours, so they were asking people to create new colours. This Reddit user made swamp green in colour and won the contest. He was awarded a lifetime supply of Crayola. The company is still true to the promise and send a big box twice a year. They have been doing that for more than 20 years!

Ice Cream, anyone?

In the year 1995, Ice Cream giants Ben&Jerry organized an essay contest where the runner-up was awarded a lifetime supply of their Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. One of three runner-up’s that were chosen from twenty-two thousand people was three-year-old Taylor James Caldwell. Caldwell was promised one-fifty coupons per year that could be redeemed for Ice Cream pint or their signature brick and mortar Ice Cream. When in 2010, when an 18-year-old Caldwell was asked how he was growing up with such a precious gift, he replied that after every match of baseball, everyone loved the special treat of their favourite Ben & Jerry Ice Cream.

Got Milk?

A six-year-old in the year 2015 got lucky and won for himself and his family a lifetime supply of milk. The reason for his extraordinary feat was his curiosity. The first-grader, during the media interaction day at the University of Michigan, asked football coach Jim Harbaugh that how much milk he should drink in order to become a quarterback, and Harbaugh smilingly said that as much as his little belly could hold. The video soon became viral and Indiana based milk producer named Fairlife awarded the boy a lifetime supply of milk. They are pretty open-minded about the duration too. According to them,as long as they are producing milk, the offer stays.

So, what would you like to win for a lifetime?

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