Major Rivers In Africa

Each of these seven major African rivers come with its own characteristics and impact.

Modern life, scientists say, originated from Africa. Where there’s life, there has to be water. It may be more renowned for its hot desserts, but Africa, is obviously blessed with immense water resources. Each of these seven major rivers comes with its own characteristics and impact.

Nile River

If it is arguably considered to be the longest river in the world, it surely must be the longest in Africa. Our civilization can trace its route back to this river. Certainly the most popular among all the rivers on this continent, it stretches from Egypt in the North to Burundi in the east. Over 160 million people are dependent on its freshwaters.

Congo River

With a depth of about 720 feet, Congo is the deepest river in the world. Starting from Eastern Africa it flows out of the equatorial zones into the Atlantic Ocean. Flowing through the Republic of Congo and up to Angola, it crosses the equator twice — the only major river to do so. About 13% of the world’s hydropower potential is realised on it. Many African myth are woven around this river.

Niger River

Shaped like a boomerang, it travels 4,180 km to reach the Atlantic Ocean, though it is only 240 km away from it. Carrying only one tenth of the sediment compared to the Nile, it is more transparent than the later.

The northern part of the river is like a lifeline to the Sahelian region, providing water for agriculture. It also assists in trading across Western Sahara. Major dams constructed on it also helps in sustaining regional life.

Zambezi River

Famous for being the source of Victoria falls, it flows directly into the Indian Ocean. Countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, and Angola are heavily dependent on its water resources.

Orange River

Recognised as the longest river in South Africa, it is equally known as the site for two national parks — the Augrabies Falls National Park and Richtersveld National Park — along its course. Besides utility, this river offers eye-catching scenery and pleasant landscapes.

Limpopo River

Another South African river, this 2600 km water body serves as a border between Zimbabwe and Botswana, supplying water to both of their nearby villages.

Running through several countries in South Africa, it finally drains out at the Indian Ocean.

Senegal River

Rivers – Semefe and Bafing converge to form this river which acts as a border between Senegal and Mauritania. This river helped establish trade between the Mali empire and Sahara. Immense deposits of gold can be found on its river bed.

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