Make your feet happy again!

The daily burden our feet have to take, they need a little pampering

The weather change and the daily stress our feet have to undergo, leaves our ankle cracked and swollen. While sweaty and stinky feet are a common basic occurrence, callus, and cracks can cause tremendous pain.

Feet are the most exposed and ignored part of the body and need special care just like our face. While the dry summer air can make our feet too dry leading to the formation of fissures on the feet, as well as intense heel cracks, sweat or bad odour that can lead to bacteria or fungal growth on the sole.

Pedicure procedure
In order to make your feet happy, adopt an easy pedicure ritual with products from your kitchen. A day prior to your pedicure procedure wash your feet thoroughly with water before sleeping. Dry them nicely and then apply a very heavy emollient like Vaseline or Boroline and cover with socks. Remember to avoid applying nail paint before the pedicure and for better effect, after emollient wrap plastic over your feet and then cover with socks as it will help the moister remain on the skin.

Then first thing in the morning, soak the feet in lukewarm water infused with salt till the skin becomes soft. Then begin to scrape the dead skin off as much as you can. And no matter what, despite your clean feet, it will be shocking to see the water change colour to black.

On the side, keep a mixture of milk cream (malai) and sugar ready. Remember that both, the malai and sugar, have to be in equal quantity. Once done removing the dead skin, dry your feet with a towel then first emulsify the cream and sugar mixture in your hand and then start massaging on your feet. And rub it until the skin absorbs the whole solution completely. Milk cream is lactic and brings natural softness to the skin. Once done, wash your feet with normal tap water and apply moisturizer. For better results, repeat this once a week.

On a side note
Further, it is advisableto moisturize our feet every night to prevent any infection to keep the skin hydrated, both internal and external. Heal internally by drinking a lot of water that will keep the body hydrated; and externally by applying cream or coconut oil at night. Important you pamper the cuticles as well. For that take olive oil on cotton and rub on nails in a circular motion, and you will see a shine gradually. Also, experts suggest changing footwear every six months for proper cushioning.

But if you are working from home, rubbing a lemon thrice a week on the sole will control the growth of bacteria as lemon has anti-bacterial properties. So go, make your feet happy!

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