Makeup Diaries; How To Use One product In Multiple Ways

Just because a product is made for a specific purpose doesn’t mean that we can’t find all new uses for that item. Here’s how to put one makeup item to multiple uses.

The beauty and makeup brands are making huge profits by presenting the same ingredients in different combination like colour, emulsifier, fragrance, water, emollient and pH stabiliser. Your eye shadow and blush are both colours in a different form. Women end up spending a fortune on variable makeup products right from foundation to lip tint without knowing clever hacks of putting one to multiple uses.

As minimalism is increasingly becoming the way of life, going micro is being strong. Using one make-up one multiple ways is not just practical it is cost-effective and convenient. Here are some of the must-have products and their multiple uses for that easy, dewy look in minutes.

Lipstick as blush, eyeshadow

Makeup junkies always take care that the eye shadow, blush and lip tent are colour coordinated. So why not use one product for all the three purposes. For a quick, composed look, dab some lip colour on cheeks and eyes and blend well. You will achieve a long-lasting -non-cakey look.

Balm to calm every beauty woe

A small tube of lip balm can be your solution to everything. From dry lips to unkempt eyebrows. You can also tame flyways, level up split ends or remove makeup with colourless lip balm. Want to turn your matt lip colour glossy, dab some lip balm. Want glossy eyelids, smear eyelids with a thin layer of lip balm. This go-to item is a make-up genie.

Beauty blenders to blend all in

You need not invest in dozens of make-up brushes. Makeup influencers will convince you the one you use for blush cannot be used for contouring or highlighting. Using beauty blenders for everything. Your blender should be soft and clean to soak in all the extra colour of the make-up base.

Eyeliner for mascara and eyebrows

If you have an eyeliner, it’s enough to be used as both mascara and eyebrows. All you need is a spoolie. Put in a spoolie blush inside your liquid eyeliner bottle and use it to plum up your eyelashes. You can also run it through eyebrows if you want them of darker colour else run a spoolie through your brown eye shadow palette and use it for your brows.

Powder for dry shampoo

You know how to use loose translucent power on your face or talc but you can also fix dull, botched up hair. If you have not washed your hairs for days sprinkle a bit of powder on roots and your comb to get rid of oily scalp.

Invest in make-up judiciously. It’s all about how you feel then how the world wants you to look like!

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