Mammas regimen – 4 easy skincare routine for new moms

Every woman deserves a rejuvenating skin pamper to feel calm and relaxed. Especially women who are pregnant or are new moms.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Mothers are superwoman and multitaskers.  They magically adapt to a lifestyle where their life only revolves around their kids and family. Especially, when you are a new mother. You have all the time for your baby and family but is there any “me time” left for you? We are sure you barely get time to take care of yourself. A mother’s skin goes through various challenges. From hormonal disbalance to emotional stress to postpartum signs to dryness in the skin and much more.

While nothing can completely change your skin, a  good skincare routine will keep it hydrated, moisturised and remove dead skin. Let’s look into 4 easy skincare routines new moms can follow.


Most of you tend to skip the cleansing routine which is absolutely essential. With the never ending preparations for your baby’s food and sleep, you totally forget about your cleansing routine. Cleansing hardly takes a minute or so. All you need to keep your cleansing wipes ready. You can cleanse it with rose water, cleansing gel of your choice or skin milk. Try cleansing your face twice a day. You will get rid of impurities like sweat and oil on your face.


Keeping your skin hydrated is very important to ensure a glowing skin. Keeping your skin hydrated means staying hydrated. Drinking lots of water throughout the day. Apart from that keep your skin moisturised always. Try investing in a good collagen boosting moisturiser and serum so that your skin stays soft and glowing. Skin hydration is another simple way to ensure glowing skin.


If you are tired of developing fine lines and seeing ageing signs on your skin – SPF is the key. Protecting your skin from the sun is a great alternative to slow down the skin damage. So if you are a new mom, don’t forget to apply a thin layer of spf to your face every morning.


We know you are busy with your baby. Don’t forget the night routine for a soothing and glowing skin. A night serum hydrates and brightens the appearance of dull skin. It will also rejuvenate your tired skin and give you a fresh and even skin on regular use.

You might be worried about seeing sudden changes in your skin like fine lines, dark spots.No matter how busy you get, keeping your skin supple is very important which means making some adjustments to your skincare routines. You can start with these easy skincare tips to keep your skin light and bright.

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