Manga Mania: Four Japanese comic books you must read

The Japanese comic books or Manga as they are popularly known, has become the most popular form of cultural export. If you are new to this fascinating world, here are some of our recommendations to start with.

Many people consider anime the most significant pop culture that came out of Japan. But know this if were no Manga, there be no anime. The Manga started to popularize with weekly, bi-weekly or sometimes monthly publication in magazines. As they grew popular, they were printed individually in paperbacks. So, let’s start your exciting journey to the world of Manga with these amazing books.

  1. Sailor Moon
The extraordinary journey of Usagi Tsukino, who transforms herself into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a warrior who fights against evil in the name of Moon princess. This best-seller Manga is known for its brilliant characterization, art and element of humour.
  1. Naruto
If you love Ninja themed movies, then you would love this one. Naruto, a cult classic Manga is a story about a boy Naruto, who hopes to become the greatest fighter. His journey is full of cool Ninja powers and memorable battles, of overcoming failures and challenging oneself.
  1. 3. Death Note
Sometimes the problem with Manga is that they are huge and some series have hundreds of volumes to them. So, if you want to read fast-paced and comparatively short Manga, then Death Note should be your pick. The story about a high school genius, Light Yamagi and his quest of making a world without any evil. He does that with the help of Death Note but is challenged by equally brilliant and mysterious “L”. It is full of unexpected twist and turns, which keeps you on edge.
  1. Hana Yori Dango
If you are not a fan of thrillers and fast-paced crime stories, then you can dive into the coming of age love stories. One of the most popular amongst them is Hana Yori Dango which was adapted into several movies and drama series. The story of middle-class Tsukushi Makino and her love story with wealthy and elite Tsukasa Domyouji is a joy ride which you enjoy from start to end.

Thanks to the English editions of the Manga, now it is available and easily accessible to anyone who loves to read.  And once you start to delve into the world of Manga, there is no going back, hundreds of Manga are waiting just for you.