Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secrets: Ice baths, plumped red lips to her signature scent

Monroe reportedly took up to 10 hours of sleep a night, and she described her sleep as her “one day of total leisure.”

Marilyn Monroe was a stunning beauty icon who had a passion for glamour. She was known for her signature red lips and platinum hair. As the Netflix movie “Blonde” explores the life of the actress, Vogue takes a look back at her Old Hollywood beauty routine.

She stayed out of the sun

According to Monroe, she didn’t want to go deep in the sun because she preferred to feel blonde all over. She also said that she didn’t use fake tans or bronzers. She was more about the natural look of her skin.

She liked a very specific shade of blonde

If you’ve ever wondered what Monroe’s hair color was when she visited the colorist’s chair, you likely wouldn’t believe it was “pillow case white.” According to author Pamela Keogh, she had her hair colored three times a week with the help of various hair specialists, such as Kenneth Battelle and Pearl Porterfield. To keep her hair looking fresh, she used Johnson’s Baby Powder every two days. Washing her hair too much can affect its color.

A nifty make-up artist’s trick for plump lips

Her make-up artist would use various reds to create the illusion of fuller lips, and this was done using a variety of lipsticks. This tip is still used by many makeup artists today. Her make-up artist would apply different colors on the outside and inside of her lips to create the illusion of plumpness and dimension.

Sleep schedule of Monroe

Monroe reportedly took up to 10 hours of sleep a night, and she described her sleep as her “one day of total leisure.” In an interview with a magazine, she said that she sometimes took two hours to wake up, and she would spend the last moments of her sleep luxuriating.

She reportedly used five drops of Chanel No.5 in her ice baths, which were said to keep her skin firm and tight. Although Wim Hof and other athletes have started using cold showers and baths, Marilyn was ahead of the curve.

Skincare for Monroe

Like other celebrities, Monroe regularly visited Erno Laszlo, a Hungarian dermatologist. He prescribed her a rigorous skincare routine, which she reportedly followed at different times of the day. According to reports, she would frequently wash her face up to five times a day to prevent breakouts.

Her evening skincare routine included an oil cleanse, followed by the Erno Laszlo Active Phelityl Cream and the Controlling Lotion. These products are still available.

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