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Marvel And DC Superheroes Who Hate Each Other: Find Out Why

While superhero squabbles are not anything new, their interpersonal conflicts have served as the subject of several comic books and films like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War.

Comics, cartoons, video games, and films have shown for decades that superheroes love to team up and fight crime. But we have also seen superheroes fighting against the heroes they work with. While minor misapprehensions have fired some of these feuds, plenty of the super-skirmishes have been fueled by intense and mutual hatred that are typically reserved for the supervillains. Below are some DC and Marvel superheroes who are cut-throat competitors.

Wolverine and Cyclops

Wolverine and Cyclops did not get along well from the start - long before they started fighting over Jean Grey to win her affection. The clashing personalities of Scott Summers and Logan eventually resulted in mutual begrudging regard. The relationship worsened when Cyclops was in favor of the X-Men following a militaristic trail, while Logan wanted the X-Men to concentrate on protecting the young mutants.

The Punisher and Daredevil

The Punisher and Daredevil have the most long-lasting superhero rivalry. Since Daredevil is a believer in the justice system, the cruel vigilantism of the Punisher has served as the continuing cause of a bone of contention between them.

Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman

In the animated universe of DC, both Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman were the founding members of the charismatic Justice League. After spending a while in a self-imposed banishment, Hawkgirl decided to join the expanded and new team of the Justice League. While members like the Flash welcomed her, Wonder Woman was skeptical of the true loyalties of Hawkgirl. Despite several attempts made by the Flash to mend the friendship of his teammates, Hawkgirl remained unfriendly towards the Amazonian warrior who tried to kick her out of the League.

Superman and Shazam

Apart from disliking the Bat of Gotham City, Superman shares a cordial relationship with all his colleagues. He has a swell personality; hence, it may startle fans on finding out that Superman has a tumultuous history with Shazam. The striking similarities in their powers and abilities compel them to fight each other every time they meet.

The Huntress and Batman

The general unpleasantness of Batman can be felt beyond the Multiverse. Bruce Wayne's overprotective nature makes him less helpful and more overbearing at times. But his complex relationship with the Huntress (Helena Wayne), his daughter with Catwoman from another universe, stands out. Both of them continually clash owing to Batman’s disregard for Helena’s overt violence, and she feels frustrated because of her futile pursuit to amaze him.

These superheroes will fight each other until the end of time, but we surely love to watch them squabble.