Marvel Phase 4 Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos

It took a massive battalion of superheroes to defeat Thanos, but Phase 4 of MCU is gradually introducing numerous powerful characters competent enough to combat the Mad Titan.

Thanos is often recognized as the ultimate villain of MCU, but phase 4 of Marvel is slowly introducing several characters who possess the power and abilities to stop the notorious Titan. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently at a juncture where it has to constantly increase the levels of power to justify the addition of many new storylines and characters. Between new gods, entities, species, and regular warriors powered by mystical weapons, here are some Phase 4 characters who could fight the big baddie effortlessly.


Gorr, the God butcher, is an alien warlord who ventured out on a quest to explore the universe and remove all gods. As a warrior, Gorr could defeat Thor without facing many difficulties, and without a doubt, he is a formidable foe in MCU. Since Gorr is mighty enough to slay gods, he could be just as powerful as Thanos.


The Eternals are some of the top challengers in the MCU who could beat Thanos, and Sersi is one of them. She may not be physically very strong, but Sersi’s unique matter transmutation ability could drive her as an intimidating adversary. She could beat Thanos alone, but not in a hand-to-hand battle right away. With a distracted Thanos and the desired amount of concentration, Sersi could prevent Thanos even before the beginning of the battle.


In the 1990s publication of a Marvel Comic, Thanos was engaged in an epic and brutal showdown with Odin, Thor’s father. During the fight, the King of Asgard was admittedly more powerful, and Thanos struggled to parallel Odin’s divine power. In the Marvel comics, Zeus is the Skyfather and is viewed as the Greek counterpart to Odin. Just as it was for Odin, it would be easy for Zeus to put down Thanos effortlessly. If he had shown up to fight Thanos, the mightiest Heroes on earth would have been sidelined.


Arishem, like other Celestials, would easily defeat Thanos – especially before the procurement of the Infinity Stones. The Celestials of MCU are all-powerful entities – particularly the physical strength of Arishem cannot be compared to any alien or human in the Marvel universe. Arishem’s existence is over a billion years old, and he can endure almost every conceivable damage. While Thanos required the six Infinity Stones to gain power, Arishem shaped the cosmos and life by default.

Who do you think is the best contender against Thanos from the above list?


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