Published By: Riya Banerjee

Marvellous Indian spy series that you can binge watch this weekend

Are you someone who likes to watch thrilling stories on OTT? If that is so, then the spy genre can be something that really keeps you hooked.

With the growth of OTT, makers and creators have started coming up with more and more interesting genres to show to the audience. And these genres are even working well with the viewers as OTT platforms are seeing high views every month. Recently, the Indian film industry has taken a big interest in the spy thriller genre and is doing wonders with it. From showing spies during the Independence period, to current times, there are some really interesting Hindi series that have caught the eyes of the Indian audience. If you are looking to binge watch something this weekend, here we have a list of some of the best Hindi spy thriller series that you can watch…

The Family Man

Considered to be one of the best web series made in India till date, The Family Man is one show you can absolutely put on your watch list this weekend. Blending realism with fantasy, this show captured a lot of viewers’ attention and is still one of the top spy shows to watch online. Starring Manoj Bajpayee and a stellar cast, the show also has a second season that you can watch once you are done with the first one!

Mukhbir – The story of a spy

Recently released, Mukhbir – The story of a spy is something that will keep you hooked through and through. The story is set after independence when India has political conflicts with countries around it. It shows the story of a spy who is sent to Pakistan. We experience his life there and all the problems he faces while undercover. This Netflix production will definitely not disappoint you.

Special OPS & Special OPS 1.5

We have included both the seasons because both are worth watching and extremely interesting. With excellent direction from Neeraj Pandey and an exceptional script, this one has the perfect blend of suspenseful thriller and entertainment. The acting in both the series too is extremely remarkable!

Bard of Blood

While this one did not receive great reviews, several critics actually hail this one as a great underrated spy story. If you want something light to watch in this genre, go for this one!