Meaning Behind Different Colours Of Roses

Find out what certain colours of roses symbolize.

In a world full of flowers, roses are one of the most popular flowers chosen to gift to loved ones for various occasions. They are well-known for their beauty and appearance. Their fragrance is also intoxicating. However, the different colours of each rose have a special significance and its symbolism is steeped in tradition. Having an understanding of what each colour represents can help you personalize a gift.

White roses symbolize purity

White roses are a symbol of purity. They also represent humility, innocence, loyalty, truth and reverence. In ancient Greece, a white rose was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite, who embodies the ideas of feminine beauty and love. They can also signify a positive new beginning and be a representation of eternity. White roses are ideal for anniversaries or as well-wishes on a new endeavour, like a new job.

Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm

Orange is a bright and cheery colour. So it is no surprise that this vibrant tone is a symbol of warmth, energy, passion, desire and enthusiasm. These fiery blooms can make quite a statement when you want to say something big. It is a great way to celebrate something in style and show your excitement about something grand.

Red roses are a symbol of love

This one may be handling a surprise to most people. Red roses are bold and dramatic blooms that symbolise love. Red roses can also convey respect and the creative spirit of love. Red is traditionally seen as a symbol of passion. While red roses can be given to your partner, they can also be given as a gift on birthdays and anniversaries.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship

In the Victorian era, yellow roses were reportedly a signal of jealousy. However, it represents happy thoughts in today’s world. Yellow roses have come to be a symbol of friendship, joy, and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled flowers could bring feelings of warmth and affection to anyone. You can gift these flowers to friends, loved ones or as a token of appreciation even if there is no real occasion.

Pink roses symbolize elegance

A rosy tone of pink roses symbolizes femininity, elegance, refinement, and grace.  A dark pink rose can be used to convey the message of gratitude and appreciation. Meanwhile, pale shades of pink connote gentleness, admiration and happiness. Pink roses are generally appropriate to give for almost any event or celebration.

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