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Medicinal Plants You Should Have At Home

Medicinal plants are powerful and keeping them in your house will help you in extraordinary ways

Using all the plant goodness for medicinal plants have been in practices for generations. Naturally, it would not be called a bad idea if you choose to keep some in your home. Although it is not the most conventional plants that people would expect in your house, but you could make great uses out of them. Here are some medicinal plants that would be good to keep in your home.

Aloe Vera Is The Miracle Plant

If you are considering keeping one plant in your home with medicinal properties it should be aloe vera. This plant has been known in some cultures as the plant of immortality as well. The aloe vera plant has the ability to heal almost everything. They have therapeutic properties and is your one stop solution for any beauty related troubles. They can cure inflamed or damaged skin and can even reverse sun damage to your skin. Apart from that, aloe vera is great for your digestive system and give you a healthy gut. The aloe vera plant is also known for reducing dental plaque and keeping the blood sugar levels in check.

Fenugreek Plant For A Healthy Substitute

The Indian cuisine is a fan of fenugreek also known as methi. It is included in most of Indian cooking and has numerous benefits for your health. Keeping a fenugreek plant in your home would be handy and they are very easy to grow and maintain in the domestic space. The nutty and sweet flavor of the fenugreek would add both taste and health to your lifestyle. Fenugreek is great for those suffering from digestive troubles and also helps greatly with menstrual health. Besides, the fenugreek is known for reducing bad breath and for aiding in the proper functioning of your sweat glands. Moreover, it can also reduce inflammation, ulcers and upset stomachs.

Lavender For The Looks And The Medicine

Lavender flowers will not just add color and beauty to your home but would work greatly as medicinal plants. The lavender flower or more specifically, the essential oil derived from them serves as an anti-depressant that could help you deal with stress and anxiety. Moreover, you can also use these flowers in your food in small amounts to help you with any kind of inflammation. They also work in reducing hair-fall.

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