Medicinal uses of aloe vera

The Aloe barbadensis or the Aloe vera has various medicinal properties which helps the people from thousands of years

The most essential parts of the aloe vera are the latex and the gel. The gel is gathered from the plant cellswhich is obtained from the center of the aloe leaf, whereas the latex is gathered beneath the skin of the leaf. Skin diseases such as psoriasis can be cured with the help of the aloe gel. Additionally, it has the ability to heal the wounds faster by enhancing the circulation of the blood and further prevents cell death in the wounded area.  The role of aloe-vera in skin care is known to almost everyone, here you will find a list of other benefits of aloe vera based on its medicinal uses.

Role of aloe vera in blood sugar

It has been identified in the phytomedicine study that two tablespoon of fresh juice of aloe vera works magically in reducing the sugar level in type 2 diabetes. As published in the International Journal of phytopharmacy and phytotherapy, aloe vera could become a prominent component in diabetes treatment in the near future. People with any type of diabetes should consult their physician before consuming aloe vera juice. As the people who already consume medications based on glucose-lowering should not consume aloe juice as this could lower their glucose count drastically.

Aloe vera as a mouthwash

The chemical based harmful mouthwashes could be surely replaced by your new natural aloe vera juice mouthwash. The natural ingredients of aloe vera include vitamin C which helps in mitigating the plaque problems. The swollen gum, sensitive gum or bleeding gum problems could also be reduced with the use of aloe vera juice.

Role of Aloe vera in digestion issues

Aloe vera contains different beneficial enzymes which are known to aid in the process of the breakdown of fat as well as sugar that further helps in keeping the digestion process run smoothly. Intestinal or the stomach pain or irritation could also be reduced with the help of aloe vera. Various intestinal inflammatory disorders as well as the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be healed by the aloe vera juice.

From the above benefits it can be said that aloe vera has various medical benefits but it is extremely important to consult with a physician before using aloe vera as an alternative of any medication.

So, how would you prefer to utilise the nutritious values of aloe vera?

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