Meghna Singh, a work in progress

Meghna Singh has a lot of ingredients to become a successful bowler at the international level, but things are yet to come together for her.

One trick pony

Meghna Singh’s biggest weakness is that she isn’t able to bowl inswingers to right-handers and that she is more of a swing bowler than a seam bowler.

As a result, even though her ball swings, it is easily visible to the batter right from her hand, and the trajectory of the ball makes it a bit easier for the batter to just open the face of the bat and play the ball along with the swing through point or covers.

More control needed

Secondly, Meghna also needs to work a lot on her control. It is often seen that she bowls a couple of good deliveries but sprays one down the leg side on the next delivery or bowls the other one short and wide, and the batters capitalise on it.

As a result, she is never able to put the batter under pressure or create any sort of momentum to help her team.

Powar’s vision

Now that Jhulan Goswami has decided to walk into the sunset, Meghna is a good find and must be persisted with, echoing the sentiments of head coach Ramesh Powar.

“After coming back from the UK tour, we set some goals and I think those goals were achieved. I think we were looking at the seamers’ attack to support Jhulan, which we were struggling with in England. I think the way Meghna Singh bowled, the way Pooja Vastrakar bowled, the way Renuka Singh bowled, I think that was the objective – to find a pace battery that we can invest in, and we can carry on with those players into the World Cup.”

“You need characters to win the World Cup. We stand at a juncture where Mithali and Jhulan will phase out at some point. We tested young bowlers like Meghana Singh and Renuka Thakur. We wanted to test our players. If you are not performing your role, you will be sidelined. We don’t allow someone to take their place for granted. The players who had to sit out were given proper chances,” the coach said.

Naturally, with her style of bowling, she is more suited to long format cricket but if she can develop a few variations, particularly the swinger to right-handers, and gain control over the ball, she has the ability to take her game to the next level.

Saksham Mishra

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