Men in Blue: World Champions’ kryptonite

 England has been able to beat India only once in an ODI series since the 2015 ODI World Cup.


 Morgan’s men


 England has been right on the money in white-ball cricket since their failure in the 2015 ODI world cup, and a lot of credit for that has to go to Eoin Morgan and his bunch of young and exciting players.


 With Morgan recently deciding to retire from international cricket, it was the end of an era and what a successful era it turned out to be, with the team winning their first 50 over the world cup in the form of the 2019 event, which the team hosted.


 However, the world champions haven’t found it easy to get the better of India as they have managed to win only one bilateral series against India since the 2015 ODI World Cup — a period during which they were also crowned the world champions in the format.


 India vs England ODI series results after WC 2015 


 2017 Ind: Ind won 2-1 

 2018 Eng: Eng won 2-1 

 2021 Ind: Ind won 2-1 

 2022 Eng: Ind won 2-1 


 After England lost their last ODI series against India by 21 runs, there were question marks raised over new captain Jos Buttler.


Joe Root comes out in defence

 Former England captain and experienced player Joe Root came in defence of Buttler and said that the team was going through a transitional phase and it was only a matter of time before they were back up and running. 


 “Sometimes it can just take a little bit of getting used to, and there’s not been that time yet where you can really sit and reflect and sort of work things out. There’s some very talented players, some great cricket minds that can go on and do some special things, like Eoin has done and Ben has done as well for the last seven to 10 years,” Root said.


 “There’s some very experienced players who have played a lot of cricket and understand the game inside-out. So we’ve got to just turn things around as quickly as we can, because the games do come quite thick and fast, you get straight back up like that Chumbawamba song. “You get knocked down, you get back up again”. That is exactly how we’ve got to go about things. It is hard, the schedule, it is, but as a player you can’t really change it. So if you want to play you crack on, unfortunately.”

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