Men too need skincare, go ahead!

Not only women, but men also should indulge in skincare to protect their thicker and firmer facial skin

Men’s essential everyday skin routine is about shaving and that’s it. But unlike women, they have a hard skin that requires the same kind of pampering and attention. Their thicker and firm skin requires extra diligent care. So believe it or not, men do need to follow every day proper skincare routine.

Thicker skin
Men’s skin is approximately 20 percent thicker than female skin that contains more collagen having a tighter and firmer appearance. Since they have more active sebaceous glands they have more skin pores, than women and larger – making their skin oilier and shinier. However, it can vary depending upon the weather condition, age and lifestyle.

 In fact, due to regular shaving, the uppermost skin layer gets thinner exposing to irritation and sensitivity. And the sweating mixed with the naturally generated oil from the skin leads to pore-clogging. Since men have larger pores they are more prone to break-outs due to clogged pores. Hence, it is important to get rid of all the dirt from the face. So it is a must to wash your face more frequently using a facial cleanser with a moisturizing agent twice a day.

Hydrate the skin
Especially during hot weather, refresh your skin with a skin toner. If possible use a serum according to the skin type. In the case of dry skin, it’s important to restore the lost moisture as it speeds up the aging process. Whereas, a serum will help keep the skin well-moisturized looking youthful and healthy. For men, a serum will also help the skin fight the daily stress and extreme weather.

Be wise
Add an oil-free moisturizer to your daily routine. Experts believe moisturizers based on Hyaluronic acid will give yielding results. In fact, opt for a product that reads lotion or gel instead of cream. It is important to use an eye cream and indulge in regular skin exfoliation during summers to rid of the dead skin cells. So a soothing eye gel, as per the skin type, at night is a must. And since men almost exfoliate every day when they say, to add value to use a mild exfoliator containing alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) as it will slough the dead cells gently. Also, let us remind you that men too need to apply sunscreen to fight the harmful UV rays.

It is highly important that men indulge in skincare as wrinkles; fine lines and aging are common in men and women. And in men, the signs of aging begin to appear around eyes as it is more delicate. So take a deep breath and dive deep into self-care.

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