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Mental-health apps – a risky industry

Modern life is riddled with stress and anxiety.

Mental health has come up as one of the major challenges of our times.  Especially with the pandemic and the prolonged isolation that all of us have been thrown into, without even having any say in it, we are now all on the verge of losing our minds.  Here comes this new advent of mental health apps, all of which have literally made a field day out of this depressive situation.  They claim 24 into seven support, and not many of them can actually deliver.  But the crisis lies with the people who are depending upon such services in the darkest periods of their lives.  What if they fail to deliver?  It can even get fatal for people suffering from such disorders.

Emotional Data Security 

App-based support majorly lacks privacy and data security, and when it comes to someone’s emotional data, it can have a grave impact on our lives.  Imagine apps getting to know all your weaknesses and inclinations; they will use every bit of that information to manipulate your behaviour to their profit.


Internet apps are full of claims that they hardly can be delivered.  For some people, the experience through Mental health apps has been so drastic that they have literally felt that someone without any clue of having to deal with mental health issues has been given the responsibility to handle them in times of utmost crisis.  A drastic turn of events can literally have grave consequences once we start depending on such inefficient services.


Another major issue faced using these online apps is the huge claims they make in terms of the best therapist in the industry and their thousands of hours of experience in clinical practices.  These claims can be put forth by anyone who knows how to develop an app, but what is the credibility of these claims? How are we supposed to rely on a mere advertisement of an app when our mental health can actually land us into life or death situations.

All in all, mental health is a tricky affair.  Mobile apps claiming big words are not something we could trust our mental health with.  There is no substitute for a healthy and open environment that a therapists office provide with a face-to-face therapy session.

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