Mercedes Benz E Class: The Finest in Luxury, Technology & Performance

When it comes to a complete package, everyone would agree that Mercedes Benz E Class is the best the automaker has to offer. From a chic style and elegant design to unparalleled performance and exemplary technological innovations, this model is the penultimate choice of the who’s who from around the world. In India, it is undoubtedly the most loved luxury sedans and is the first choice of top corporate honchos, businessmen and celebrities alike.

Below are the reasons why the Mercedes Benz E Class has never failed to amaze us with its style, design, luxury and technology.

A Stellar Design

Elegant, stylish, sporty and sophisticated, words are not sufficient to describe this beautiful sedan that exudes a charm that can spellbind anyone. The exciting outline is dominated by an elongated bonnet, a panoramic sunroof and a broad-shouldered tail end. One look at the sides and the length of the car surprises you! It is the lengthiest in its segment and boasts of an unmatched space in the interior.

The well-contoured and spacious seats, both in front and the back, makes sure that you have a comfortable drive, be it in the city traffic or long-winding highways. The moment you step inside, the plush interiors welcome you with a warm hug and instantly makes you feel pampered.

In-car Entertainment and Full-Screen Display

The 13 hi-fidelity Burmeister speakers in the Mercedes Benz E class offers the best-in-class experience that will leave you in complete awe. Be it cherishing the crisp lows and mids or partying with blasting music, the music system of this car will never disappoint you.

The 12.3-inch screen with a futuristic-looking display is enough to amp up your driving experience. The three display styles- Classic, Progressive and Sport allows you to adjust the display as per your mood and preferences.

Wireless Charging and Touch screen

The rear centre armrest in the Mercedes Benz E class features a wireless charger that allows you to charge compatible smart phones without any cables. The E220D Exclusive Variant features a touch screen pad that lets you control the car’s various features like ambient lights, temperatures, sunroof, window blinders and recline seats.

Direct Access to your Car through a Smartphone

Download the Mercedes me app on your smartphone to gain an entry into the Mercedes world, and always stay connected to your car. It also offers other functions like-

  • Access to your car remotely
  • Status inquiries about mileage, fuel level, tyre pressure etc
  • Facilitated trip planning
  • Uncompromised safety through trained staff support, fast accident assistance, quick rescue action etc.

The Above features, along with a plethora of others, make Mercedes Benz E Class one of the most luxurious and futuristic cars in its class. Experience a drive in it and bes rest assured to be enthralled by its sheer luxury, dynamics and performance.

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