Mesmerising and beautiful character portrayal of KonkonaSen Sharma

For when she is on the screen, the character comes alive just through her expressions

There are actors in the Hindi film industry, and then there is KonkanaSen Sharma. When she is on screen, it is not the technicalities of acting that come into play. Be it her portrayal of the coy naïve corporate working girl confused about finding love or the fierce alpha woman living in the city. There is no emotion as an actor or a personality that KonkonaSen Sharma can’t bring alive on screen. A terrific actress with innate creative abilities evident on screen, Konkona should be counted among the class method actors of all time. From essaying the role of a high-paying corporate slave to a timid oppressed homemaker, there is no stratum of character left that Konkona hasn’t brought to life on screen. Here we take a look at a few of her great characters to watch.

MeenakshiIyer in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

In her mother, AparnaSen’s directional, KonkonaSen Sharma’s portrayal of Meenakshi – a married woman and mother stuck amid riots with her infant – is heart-wrenching and touching. From the moment she boards the bus travelling alone with a child, encountering goons and bloodshed to the rescue of a Muslim wildlife photographer, Raja. As a Hindu orthodox Brahmin protecting a Muslim from the religious fight on a journey unknown, the story grows from showing a conventional setting to a growth mindset.

Madhavi Sharma on Page 3

In MadhurBhandarkar, directorial KonkonaSen Sharma, a fierce Mumbai journalist who covers the Page 3 section of a leading newspaper, is eccentric. From effortlessly showing the struggles and dilemmas of an entertainment journalist in a city like Mumbai to not letting her personal life interfere in her professional space. Her character Madhavi Sharma’s entangled romantic relationships with the professional side brings about big revelations. However, leading her character to switch streams to be a crime reporter gets her into trouble for doing an expose.

Diana in EkThiDaayan

This movie speaks volumes about KonkonaSen Sharma as an actor. Her portrayal of a witch named Diana in this KannanIyer directional film showed no limit to her art. And when the story, which was picked from a novel written by her father Mukul Sharma, the love in the making of the character to its portrayal was outstanding.

A few others of her characters are BhartiMondol in GeeliPucchi and ShireenAslam in Lipstick Under My Burkha.

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