Messi, Alaba, Depay: Free Agent Players in 2021

Several top names in Europe are presently playing without a contract

The winter transfer season is over and the clubs have sold and bought players as per their requirements to reinforce the team’s strength. However, some players in the team are looking forward to quitting the club by the end of the season. Therefore, they have not extended their contract and are waiting for the season to end. In short, these players are now free agent players and they are free to quit the club if they want. So, in 2021, who are the free agent players in the top five leagues of Europe?

David Alaba- Currently playing for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich, the star defender has not signed a fresh contract with German cub. Being a heroic defender who is only 28, David Alaba will receive several offers from various clubs at the end of the season if he doesn’t sign a new contract with Bayern.

Lionel Messi- Since last year, there has been a continuous strife between Lionel Messi and club Barcelona. The Argentinian star was determined to move away from the club, but a clause in his contract prohibited him from doing so. At present, Messi has not signed a new contract with Barcelona, which means he is free to leave the club of Barcelona. Lionel Messi may reunite with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City or head back to his boyhood club.

Julian Draxler- There was a point when Draxler was acknowledged as one of the best midfielders in the world. Sadly, the player failed to establish an eminent position in his present club, Paris Saint-Germain. Left without a contract, finding a new club to revive his mediocre career will be a troublesome task for Draxler at the end of the season.

Memphis Depay- The Dutch player who presently plays for Ligue 1 club Olympic Lyon has been heavily linked with FC Barcelona on numerous occasions in the past. Without a contract with his current club, Memphis Depay may catch a flight to Barcelona after the 20/21 season ends.

Sergio Aguero- The Argentinian striker has spent around a decade with Manchester City. At 32, Aguero is left without a contract, but the player has always expressed his interest in returning to his former Club Independiente. With no contract, we expect Aguero to join Independiente for the 21/22 season.

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