Met Gala’s Timeless Fashion Outfits

Impressed as we are by Met Gala’s fashion parade, its most unforgettable fashion moments are chronicled here

Dissecting the most memorable extravaganzas of Met Gala—the fashion equivalent of Oscars, known for parody, pastiche, theatricality and artifice that sternly defies centuries of gendered fashion ideas.

Diana Ross, 2001: Ditching shoes and crowning her head with an oversized black tulle headpiece, Ross brought to the party an exuberant disco style. Her shimmery black tulle has since remained a darling in the oeuvre of Met Gala’s bold and unforgettable accessories, and justly so.

Amber Valetta, 2004: Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the 18th Century theme witnessed a flamboyantly dressed Valetta draped in a John Galliano skirt and Maggie Norris corset. The Marie Antoinette hairdo firmly perched on her head sure stirred intense controversy.

Marilyn Manson, 2005: Manson’s dramatically gothic military outfit with Frankenstein-ian boots has gone down in the annals of history as one of the most daring men’s attires ever exhibited in the camp fashion. Vibing with The The House of Chanel and the gothic eye make-up ruled the party.

John Galliano, 2006: The red and white polka-dotted waistcoat and sequined blue jeans cooked an exotic Met Gala pair. Embracing the frivolous and drop-dead glamorous, Galliano poised with elegance parading the cowboy boots and hat, and wearing his signature confidence that forever cemented the austerity and charisma of his look.

Marc Jacobs, 2012:  Dressed up in Gucci, Rick Owens and Prada, Jacob played with Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations theme celebrating the unconventional—the inappropriate. The Comme des Garçons transparent, lace polo dress with white boxers underneath and paired with Pilgrim shoes. Jacobs was pretty snug having donned the sheer, lace beauty, “I just didn’t wanna wear a tuxedo and be boring.”

Anja Rubik, 2012: Her white, satiny gown, designed by Anthony Vaccarello, flaunted the highest leg slit cut to the hipbones that any Met Gala gown had ever dared to possess. Rubik certainly raised a few eyebrows sceptical about the latest trend of exhibiting hipbones every time she stretched her legs.

Lady Gaga, 2019: The pinnacle of rebellion in fashion, Gaga lived up to Met Gala’s high expectations in 2019’s Camp fashion by wearing a melange of four looks. She had put on a Brandon Maxwell parachute gown, a black wrap, a pink dress with an 80s cellphone as a prop and, finally, a bra and pants set; each look was unwrapped on the red carpet by Maxwell. What a show!

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