Microsoft patents touch control for old-generation laptops

The tech giant Microsoft recently patented a new technology that can enable touch control feature in older laptops for a smartphone-like experience.

On-screen touch control is a common feature in modern-day laptops that allow users to enjoy hassle-free navigation and control. This technology makes our everyday interaction with the laptops faster and simpler as compared to the traditional mouse or trackpad.

Microsoft Corporation has applied for a new patent that envisions bringing touch control feature to the old generation laptops through an external device.  This patent was applied by Microsoft earlier this year and published in August 2020.

The patent holds more significance at this time when Microsoft recently launched the new Your Phone app for Android users that will allow them to access and run the mobile phone applications directly from their Windows 10 desktop.

Here’s everything you need to know about this technology.

How will touch control be enabled on older laptops?

Microsoft describes computer systems like classic monitors, PCs, etc. that does not support touch input, so it plans to enable touch control in them via an external device.

To introduce the touch-control support on the previous generation laptops, Microsoft would use an external or touch-sensitive device that can act as an emulated touch screen. This technology will enable users to give input to the laptop via touch or pen.

The company is planning to introduce the touch-controlled input through an external touch-sensing device that will work as a trackpad and can be used with a special input mode. The focus area input mechanism enabled by the touch device will be shown on the small part of the display screen. The computing system can control the input movement. When a manoeuvre touch input is detected, the focus input area will show a change in motion on the display screen and a shift in the position of the focus point to a new spot.

The patent filed by the company also elaborates on how the users can perform other touch gestures to control the input mechanism on the focus area. The figures in the patent clearly describe the working of other touch operations like moving around the focus area with fingers, zoom in & zoom out feature, drawing with one finger, and swipe down function to close any application.

The introduction of touch control technology will give a new lease of life to the old generation laptops and computer systems. Microsoft is yet to decide on the implementation of the technology and when it will be available for the users.

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