Mind Blowing Facts about Cricket

Everybody at some point of time in their life dreamt of being a cricketer and some might even have achieved that dream.

Cricket may not be as popular as football but in the subcontinent this sport is worshiped. You can find a little cricketer in every person you meet in the subcontinent. It is a very fascinating sport and has millions of followers. But the facts that I am going to tell you are as fascinating and mind blowing as the sport itself. So without any delays let’s start with the facts.

Chris Gayle and sixer

We all know how blistering an innings of Chris Gayle can be with sixers all over the field. But did you know Chris Gayle is the only batsman in the word who had hit a six off the very first ball that too in a Test Match. He achieved this historic feat against Bangladesh in the year 2012.

Vinod Kambli vs. Sachin Tendulkar

Many of you might get offended with this comparison, I was offended too when I first saw it but the fact is fact right? The batting average of Vinod Kambli is actually marginally greater than Sachin Tendulkar in Test Cricket. He played only 17 tests in his career to achieve the average of 54.2 whereas Sachin Tendulkar played 200 test matches to achieve the average of 53.7.

Four Innings in a Single Day

We all Know that Test Cricket goes on for days and it’s really boring at times but an amazing thing happened twice in the cricketing world. Two times the situation had been so where all four innings were played in a single day. The first one happened in the year 2000, in a test match between England and West Indies at Lord’s. The second one happened in the year 2011 in a test match between South Africa and Australia at Cape Town.

Sachin Tendulkar Played for Pakistan

Now you must be wondering, “again Sachin”, but what can I do? It is a recorded fact. He played for Pakistan but in a practice match. A practice match was going on between India and Pakistan at Brabourne Stadium in the year 1987 and young Sachin Tendulkar was asked to come on field as a substitute fielder for Pakistan.

When I read these facts, as a fan of cricket I was blown away. What about you? Have these facts been able to blow you away too?

Elisa Ghosh

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