Mind Blowing Facts About Time

Is it us who run the clock or it the clock that runs us?

We all know the basics of time –how to read it or how to measure it. However, time is a much more complicated matter that would keep you thinking round the clock. As it turns out, almost everything or at least a part of what we have been taught as kids about could be a lie. While you might be able to get sense of the hour, it’s almost impossible to make sense of the mystery of time. Here are some mind blowing facts that would make you want to rethink time.

Time Does Not Exist

If we are to go by Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, time does not exist. Einstein’s theory is considered as one of the greatest achievements of science that completely changed the way the world understood the universe. In fact, the theory planted the seed of quantum mechanics. However, in 1949, a scientist named Kurt Godel demonstrated with evidence that if the Theory of General Relativity were true then there is no way that time could exist in the same universe. Although Einstein had trouble accepting Godel’s work, he couldn’t deny his flawless theory. So, if Godel is right, it could only mean two things –either there’s no such thing as time or relativity in our universe is not true.

Time Travels In Only One Direction

Time is one of the three basic dimensions, the other three being height, width and depth. In the other three dimensions you can travel in two directions as well as take any number of positions inside them. However, for time, which is the fourth dimension travel is limited to just one direction. You cannot travel back in time. In fact, it’s the only dimension according to physics in which you can travel only forward. This is also the reason why time travel seems like a fairly wild dream.

Galileo Proved That Time Doesn’t Exist

Galileo Galilei, the famous Renaissance astronomer has many discoveries and inventions under his name that frames our understanding of the universe and the solar system. One of his biggest contributions was accurate clocks that used the principle of potential energy and pendulum motion to measure time. The accurate clocks of that time depended on the laws of motion and not time measurement, thereby proving that time does not really exist.

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