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Mindfulness Activities To Try

These activities could help calm your mind.

When you feel lost and stressed out, it can be hard to think rationally when your mind is racing. That is why it is important to get to a place of calm before you make important decisions.  Practising a few mindfulness techniques and exercises could help you gain the clarity you desire. There are many ways to do this. Mindfulness activities could have a transformative effect on our well-being and move on from a challenge in a better way.

Candle study exercise

This is a super easy exercise to try, especially when you need a minute to gather your thoughts.  All you have to do is light a candle (make sure to place it in a safe place) and sit in a comfortable position. Next, watch the flames. This practice is a form of meditation that you can do for five to 10 minutes. Let your mind wander and observe your thoughts without passing judgement.

The name game

This game may seem super simple, but it can be a powerful tool to have to calm a chaotic mind. The first thing you have to do is observe your surroundings and name three things that you can hear, two things that you can see and one sensation that you feel. This will help you become more aware of your surroundings and your body. It is a grounding exercise that can be incredibly useful when your mind is racing.

Deep breathing exercise

When you are feeling anxious, your breath may feel short. If you are feeling stressed out and distracted, take a few long deep breaths to relax your nervous system and draw your attention to the present moment. If you do not know where to begin, start small. Breathe in for four seconds and breathe out for four seconds. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

Intention setting exercises

Once you get into the daily grind, it can be difficult to take a moment to gather your thoughts. That is why it is important to centre yourself at the beginning of your day before you open your laptop. Set aside some time in the morning, perhaps while you are drinking your tea or coffee, to set your intention for the day. This will help to clear your mind. You can even journal, read, meditate, or even do a bit of stretching if it feels good.

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