Published By: Rinks

Mini Moon- The New Celestial Discovery

The discovery of 2020 CD3 and how it could make a significant difference in space exploration.

Just when we got ready to accept anything and everything from the year 2020, the infinite universe hit us with yet another discovery! We have an added moon, the ‘mini-moon! ‘. Here is everything you need to grasp about the astral body, and why it might be a significant change in cosmological history.

The surprising entry of a new celestial body orbiting the earth’s exosphere is no less of notable space discovery. What demarcates it from the manmade satellites is, it does not revolve around the orbit paths of pseudo satellites. Kacper Wierzchos, a senior specialist, says the mini-moon does not counter any alarms from solar radiation, which is not typical of human-made space bodies. But he also does not state for sure if it’s merely an asteroid. The fact that it could be manufactured lingers around the subject.

The Catalina program at the University of Arizona also found the mini-moon and stated that it stood out from the 40 other known satellites orbiting the earth’s sphere. The official name given to mini-moon is 2020 CD3 and was a brilliant discovery with a low 20 magnitude.

The finding proved that this object was probably circling the sun's orbit when it got caught up in earth’s gravitational pull sometime in 2017. The range from the planetoid is equivalent to 0.2 – 4.4 total moon distance. It approximately goes around the planet in a month. The minimal observance makes it challenging to derive data about the object and its size.

The mini-moon reported to be seen on 15th February 2020 was believed to be a guest of no longer than April 2020. The instability of the path it follows made Astronomers and space researches initially stifle the topic and not place it as the headlines.

Though relatively restricted information has been determined about this new heavenly body, all that has been able to come from the observation is the orbiting body seems to be a dead artificial satellite. It does not pose intimidation to earth, but the qualities it retains is of a humble asteroid.

Depending on the analysis given, which assumes mini-moon to be the remains of an asteroid, it could be the size of a car. The drifting report makes us wonder about the families of changes that could come on earth if the mini-moon was to replicate the functions of our moon and if it were to ever enter earth’s atmosphere!