Mistakes to avoid in a long-distance relationship

Long distance relationships are tough.

We have heard it before: it’s never going to work when you are living in two different places. To all the negative nellies out there, let it be known, LDR or long-distance relationships take real commitment and effort, especially since you can only meet each other virtually every day. There are subtle mistakes people make while trying LDR, like breathing down your partner’s neck, being insecure, always wanting attentions and so on.

Real understanding and patience to learn of the new aspect of a relationship, communicating feeling and thoughts without leading to argument takes a little getting used to. Since LDR is different from regular dating, it is important to not make these common mistakes.

Assuming and not asking directly

Whether it’s about your partner’s behaviour or assuming infidelity, it’s always better to voice your concerns and getting an answer from your partner, rather than assuming things on your own. If you have doubt about the legitimacy of your relationship at any point, talk it out.

Not communicating your feelings

Feeling like your partner has not been giving you adequate attention over the last few days? Communicate. Tell your partner you need their undivided attention. If you neglect these little feelings and bottle them up, your relationship might deteriorate. Communication is key to any relationship, especially in a LDR.

Neglecting your own time

All relationships need partners to have time on their own. It is important for both partners to have their own separate lives while being in a relationship. It’s best to balance time for your relationship and also with your friends and family who are in your proximity.

Trying to talk/text every waking hour

Communication is important in long distance relationship. But it’s also important to not overdo it. A healthy relationship can survive on a healthy amount of time shared together. Virtual space is so major in long distance relationships.

Not planning virtual dates

Dates are fun. If you were in the same place as your partner, there would be date nights. Cooking together, going out for dinner, watching movie together. Date nights are incredibly important in long distance relationships too. Planning virtual date nights mean you carve out time to do something fun with your partner.

Cutting out the little things from conversations

Only sharing important thoughts will make you run out of serious conversation topics. If you were only to share important and serious talks with your partner, your LDR needs work.  Talking about trivial things is important cause that’s how you would communicate if they were with you irl.

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