Mistakes to Avoid on a Rail Trip

Travelling by rail means vast and open vistas of scenic beauty sprawling on both sides as you wheeze past with the breeze in your hair. Train travel is by far one of the most affordable means of covering long distances and enjoying the journey in the meanwhile. Nonetheless, like all the other means of transportation, commuting by trail has its perils.

Here are a few pro tips for a seamless, easy journey.

Not Bringing Your Snacks

Relying on train food could be all fun and games till you discover stale or cold packages or maybe delayed delivery of the potions. Bunking meals induces a range of ailments including stomach ache and headaches. Packing light and nutritious meals such as sandwiches, nuts and fruits to keep you filled throughout the journey would be a wiser alternative.

Skipping on Simple Warm-Ups and Stretches

Sitting or lying down all crammed up and in the same posture for hours on end could be comfy at the outset but pain-inducing. Do not forget to stretch your limbs and do some simple back and neck exercises. These simple exercises would prevent pain and muscle contractions, improve circulation, help body release endorphins and support a proper body posture. If the travel spans over days, this exercise regimen would promote quality sleep and relaxation.

Packing too Much

While travelling, it is imperative to consider the space and security your chosen mode of transportation could assure. Congesting the limited space in train compartments with luggage is definitely not a good idea. Besides becoming a liability, it also slows down your pace. In certain cases, the luggage not merely becomes cumbersome for the co-passengers but makes you helplessly reliant on them too. Makes sense to pack as compactly as possible?

Running Low on Backup

To expect full connectivity is to commit a blunder! It is not unexpected to encounter faulty connectors or malfunctioning outlets which could be damaging to your gadgets. Bringing battery backup and additional resources, especially when travelling remote or working long distances, would make connectivity easy.

Being Foreign to Local Train Culture 

Staying aloof from the nuances of train culture and missing out on the social cues could mar the pleasantness of the journey. At times, you might end up feeling stuffy or cornered. Quite a bummer if you are travelling solo or enjoy socialising. Train culture differs from region to region; state to state. Once you know the etiquette, journeying with a bunch of strangers would be way cooler!

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