Morning Skincare for Glow and Health

Say no to a multi-step skincare regimen that is equally cumbersome to follow in the morning and instead swear by an uncomplicated beauty ritual

If you tend to fling aside morning skincare, you are deliberately letting on the residual impurities stay and damage skin texture and glow. While considering morning skincare products, be sure to assort thoughtfully since the skin requires rigorous pampering to withstand the day’s upheaval.


The hours you spend on bed accumulate oil, moisture and sweat on skin as it replenishes new skin cells by shedding off the dead ones. Without a ritualistic cleansing, the pores are blocked by the dirt and sweat trapped which further asphyxiate your skin. Evidently, clogged pores will lead to acne and breakouts. The excess oil stays on the skin lending a dull look to it. If the skin is not allowed to breathe fresh, you are also risking whiteheads and blackheads. If you have a habit of going to sleep with makeup, morning cleansing of the residue is imperative to prevent premature ageing and drying of skin. While cleansing, be sure to rub cleanser or facewash on the neck area and pat try.


Toner with essential oils shields your skin while nourishing it from within. If you are worried about open pores, massage with toner to shrink the pores and restore the pH balance. Toning before stepping out is a blessing since your skin is shielded against pollutants and other impurities. Often, you inadvertently splash chlorine-rich tap water on face the perils of which could be mitigated by using the right toner. Besides refreshing the skin and brightening it up, toner regulates moisture balance and serves as an elixir of youth and vitality.

Applying Mask

Morning mask preps your skin by boosting its hydration and nourishment right at the beginning. Once you are cleansing and toning, slather a mask especially when you have a busy day ahead. Before applying cosmetics or stepping out for a day-long program under the sun, mask will pave a healthy foundation to help the skin sustain throughout without turning dry or dull. Dermatologists suggest preserving the exfoliating or clarifying masks for the night and instead going for a hydrating pack in the morning.

Moisturiser and sunscreen are the other two indispensable skincare agents to avoid tanning and sun damage which accelerates by manifold on dry skin. Serums are a feasible alternative to moisturiser that not merely nourish the skin but boost collagen formation resulting in younger-looking skin.

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