Most Affordable Inline Four-Cylinder Motorcycles in India

The melody of an inline four-cylinder engine makes it a favourite for those who are into serious riding

In the recent past, several premium motorcycles have reached the Indian shore, which is largely a budget centric market. However, they have prospered well considering how the taste of Indian riders has altered and matured. High-end premium motorcycles have forged a powerful persona for themselves in the market, for riders now recognize the performance output of premium motorcycles. When it comes to the engine, Indians seem to prefer the inline four-cylinder make.

Inline four-cylinders are after all way better than the single-cylinder or the V-twin cylinder make. Compared to six or eight, they strike an excellent balance between performance and fuel efficiency. Not to mention, they are light on the pocket in terms of maintenance. It is true that they are somewhat on the pricier side, but in India, some inline-four motorcycles are available that may not burn a hole in the pocket.

Keeping the popularity and price in mind, what we have in this article is a list of the most affordable inline four-cylinder motorcycles that one can purchase in India without going bankrupt!

Benelli TNT 600i

From the Italian manufacturer Benelli, the TNT 600i is a naked/streetfighter motorcycle that has ruled the streets of India in the 500-600cc segment. The beefy tank with extended shrouds and twin under-seat exhaust canister gives it a muscular look. Under the chassis sits a 600cc liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine which the most affordable one in India for INR 6.20 lakh.

Suzuki GSX-S750

In terms of looks, the S750 may not everyone’s cup of tea given the number of odd-looking zip-zap panel lines running through the body. However, taste is subjective and we will let you be the judge of that. Moving on to the engine, it features a 749cc inline four-cylinder unit that develops 114hp of maximum power. The motorcycle is sold at INR 7.58 lakh.

Kawasaki Z900

This article is not a comparison between the models, but we should like to mention that the Z900 is the best of the lot. It’s a value for money motorcycle since the Z900 retails at INR 8 lakh. Compared to the S750, the Z900 carries a bigger inline-four engine of 948cc and also generates more power figure of 123hp. Furthermore, the Kawasaki is one the best-selling motorcycle in the Indian market.

Honda CBR 650R

The Honda is the only fully-faired motorcycle in this list and is considered a very good sport-tourer. It can be called the costliest model in this list since it offers a 650cc engine at a price-tag of INR 7.70 lakh. The engine generates 86hp of power and torque of 60.1Nm.

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