Most common diseases in India

Most common critical illnesses in India are listed below which are reported half of the time along with treatment that is covered by critical illness insurance.

Cancer: It is one of the most common as well as deadly diseases in India today. As per recent India-specific figures by Global Cancer Observatory a total of 11.57 lakh cancer cases have been reported in the year of 2018 which will increase in 2022. Cancer treatments are mostly excruciating-emotionally, financially and physically aligned with the pain which is more inexplicable. The top 5 cancers that mostly affect Indians at present are Oral, Breast, lung, gastric and Cervical cancers.

Renal/Kidney diseases: As per the data extracted from International Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Disease Data Center Study, India reported more than 17% Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) across different regions wherein 17 in every 100 individuals in the country is suffering from kind of renal ailment. Diabetes as well as hypertension are two most common causes that are linked to kidney disease. The number of patients that includes children are also undergoing dialysis that has risen by 15% annually in the last decade. Also the cost of every dialysis session ranges 2k-3k and two sessions per week can also cost up to Rs. 25k/month.

Cardiovascular disease: According to American College of Cardiology, around 34% from 155.7-209.1 deaths per 1 lakh population is reported. Heart disease and stroke are two common diseases in India.

Lung diseases: India ranks 4 when it comes to the number of deaths caused by lung diseases. In the year of 2017 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which is actually an incurable and most progressive lung condition that destroys air sacs diesel carbon dioxide from the body. Treatment for COPD only halts the deterioration but cannot be cured.

Liver Cirrhosis: This is a kind of disease that does permanent damage to the liver which leaves a non-functioning scar tissue. The only treatment option for this deadly disease is Liver Transplant.

Tuberculosis: TB is mainly caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks lungs but it can attack any part of the body.

Vector-borne disease: It includes diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya are common illnesses reported in India. This can also lead to debilitating symptoms ranging from body ache, high fever and many more.

Diarrhoeal diseases: This is mainly characterised by watery or loose stools that occur frequently than usual. It mostly occurs through viruses or sometimes with contaminated food.

These are the most common and life threatening diseases reported in India every year which still needs more research for proper cure.

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