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Most destructive left handed batsmen in cricket

Some batsman are great and they loved for their techniques, while there are some who are admired for their unparalleled abilities of hitting the bowlers out of the park.

Here are some of the most destructive left handed batsmen of all time.


SanathJayasurya is a lethal force in cricket. He is one of the best entertainers of the game that the world has witnessed. Widely known for his aggressive batting style, Sanath has single handedly won the world cup for his country in 1996. He was so destructive that people used to believe that he had some kind of special lenses and springs in his bat. His batting style was a perfect amalgamation of power and touch. Sanath used to demolish every bowling attack and he has thrown balls out of the park at his will. His famous flick shot is still remembered by many and there is no one can still come close ti the legend. Apart from being such an amazing batsman, he was a great bowler too and has many wickets under his name. He was probably the first player who changed the batting style in one day international and started playing attacking cricket in the first power play.

Matthew Hayden

When we think of power hitters, Mathew Hayden’s name instantly comes to the mind. The southpaw is widely known for hitting massive sixes. Like Sanath, he was an opener too and used to thrash bowlers at his will. Hayden was known for having a bulky physique which allowed him to hit those big sixes with ease. During his interviews, he always emphasised on having a right technique as he believed that one can be a good hitter only with a great technique. Mathew has played all formats of the game and even after his retirement, he ruled the Indian Premier League and won orange cap during his run with CSK.

Chris Gayle

Now, no list of hitters is complete without mentioning the name of Chris Gayle. The universe boss, as he is called by the fans, is the most powerful cricketer the world has ever seen. He has a special ability to clear the boundaries with his perfect timing and high power. Chris Gayle is a nightmare for the bowlers and on his day, he can transform into a complete beast. He can be called the Hulk as he has the ability to completely make a game one sided with his mind blowing batting. It is said that bowlers do not want to bowl to him on his day as he makes them look like children on his day.

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