Most expensive cities to live in around the world

If you want a lavish lifestyle, then live in these cities.

While many of us like a stable lifestyle in a single city for years, some love to go around towns to cities and live different lifestyles. And while it is a fascinating life to live, there are some lows to it. For example, some cities around the world are just way too expensive. Take Paris, for instance; while living a life in the city would be highly romantic and exciting, the cost of living there is extremely high. So let us list out for you some of the most expensive cities around the world:


This city might be extremely beautiful, but it is very expensive to live in. Austria’s capital is known for its art scene, historical architecture and undoubtedly the spell-binding scenic views. But did you know that staying in Vienna can cost you quite a bit? In Vienna, housing and real estate are considered to be very expensive compared to any other city in Austria. So if you are planning to move to this city, make sure you can find a suitable house which won’t empty your pockets.


Many already think that Chinese cities are costly to travel to or live in. And well, it is true. This technologically advanced city which houses several I.T. companies and other billion-dollar enterprises, is a costly city to make a house in. The housing rates are so high in the town that people think twice before actually shifting to Beijing!


From fancy restaurants to continuously upgrading lifestyles, Singapore is no doubt a stylish and very hip city. So obviously the modernism comes with a price. Singapore, also an I.T. hub, is the main attraction for several tourists and people from around who go there for studies and jobs. So staying in Singapore isn’t a big no but make sure you keep in mind the high inflation rates and the cost of living there!


The capital of Turkmenistan is counted as one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. The city suffers from massive inflation and huge food prices. You may not have heard the name of this city, but it is, in fact, home to several rich and famous titles. So if you are planning to shift there for work, make sure to ask for a huge raise!

Riya Banerjee

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